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About Us

LSC Enterprise Sdn Bhd is the leading roofing material distributor in Malaysia. Established since 2006, the company supplies roofing materials to West Malaysia. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of roofing materials for various residential and commercial places.

At LSC Enterprise, we distribute a wide array of roofing materials at competitive prices. Some of our roofing materials include PC hollow sheet, PC solid sheet, U rollbond, PU foam and so on.  We supply roofing materials for the following places:

We are specialize in:-

  • Bus and taxi stand 
  • Sound insulation panel 
  • Office partition 
  • Overhead bridge 
  • Retractable awing 
  • Classic side post

We always strive to provide the latest and best quality in our roofing material to cater the demands and needs of customers.

Aluminum Composite Roofing

  • Roofing Materials
  • PC Solid Sheet
  • Insulation Panel
  • Partition
  • Sun Screen
  • Metal Roofing